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Open Letter to My Sisters with Natural Hair

Hey Sis let's talk, For the past few years I have set back and watched you celebrate your natural hair. I've read your blog posts on why you love being natural. I watched videos of your natural hair journeys from the "big chop" to your now shoulder length hair. All of it has been awesome… Continue reading Open Letter to My Sisters with Natural Hair

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Natural Hair and Vacations

Last week I went on a short vacation on a 2- day cruise to the Bahamas. While I was trying to figure out what to pack for my trip I completely forgot about my hair. Although my twa is still very short, I still try to make sure my hair is healthy. I had to… Continue reading Natural Hair and Vacations

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Can I Rub Your Hair

This guy whom I've been dating asked me if he could rub his fingers through my hair the next time we hugged. At first I thought he was asking if he could kiss me, but I was just as flattered that he wanted to touch my hair. Especially when I've read so many debates about… Continue reading Can I Rub Your Hair

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My natural hair regime and products

As of right now my natural hair regime is very simple. I have a twa and my hair is very curly, so my go to style is a wash and go. I shampoo my hair every other week. I just started using MillCreek Botanicals Biotin Shampoo. This shampoo is formulated to treat the scalp and… Continue reading My natural hair regime and products

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Hair Growth Challenge (month1)

Last December I decided to cut my tapered twa (teeny weeny afro) down to a fade.I began to miss my curls and decided to grow out my twa. I then decided to challenge myself not to cut my hair for an entire year. Yep 12 months without a cut, except for trims and shape ups.… Continue reading Hair Growth Challenge (month1)