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September Pixie Update!

Hey Lovies, So September and my pixie grow out was interesting. I decided to play in the little hair I have and made a complete mess. When it comes to my hair I can be very impulsive. Once I get an idea in my head theres no stopping me. This month I paid for my… Continue reading September Pixie Update!

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The Pixie Comeback: 3 month update

Hey Lovelies, It's August and it's been 3 months now since I started to grow my hair from faded and fierce to my Pixie. If you've been following me you know the Pixie is my favorite hairstyle of all times. It didn't take long after cutting my hair did I start to miss my Pixie.… Continue reading The Pixie Comeback: 3 month update

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Return of the Pixie 2 Month Update

Hey Lovelies!!! First I apologize I have seriously been slacking. It's time to get back to it and why not start with an update of this hair. Let's go back... if you remember I decided to cut my hair to a fade in April. While I love the freedom of the fade it didn't take… Continue reading Return of the Pixie 2 Month Update

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1 Month Hair Growth Update!!!! 

Hey lovelies!!!!!  A few weeks ago I posted that I was starting to miss Pixie so I decided to grow my hair back. It's been a month since I cut my hair and I'm starting to see progress.  The picture on the left was my son's prom May 20th, as you can see I had… Continue reading 1 Month Hair Growth Update!!!! 

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3 month hair update

My third month of my no cut/hair growth challenge was a doozy. My hair grew out and I had no shape to my twa and it just felt and looked blah. I decided to taper and it took 3 attempts to get it how I wanted. The last try basically ended up being a full… Continue reading 3 month hair update

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My favorite oils

Oils are a must for natural hair. They give your hair life by adding essentials the hair and scalp needs. It took me a while to get a hang of using oils in my hair when I first went natural, now I have staple oils that I use along with a regime of how I… Continue reading My favorite oils

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Growing Pains

I'm entering into my third month of my hair growth challenge and it's definitely becoming a challenge. One of the things I'm really frustrated with is not being able to style my hair. I'm so over the wash and go. When it comes to my hair it feels blah. When I do co-wash it shrinks… Continue reading Growing Pains