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Fake love

What's up people! Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and in the back of your mind you question does this person really want to be with me? For the most part the relationship is good. Your mate tells you they love you and they care about you; yet, their actions say something… Continue reading Fake love

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Pre-martial sex, bad sex, and born again virgins 

   Last night I watched the new Rev. Run and Tyrese's talk show, " It's not me its men". I have to say the show was good and a great conversation starter. The topics tonight was about pre-martial sex, bad sex, and born again virgins. Here are my thoughts on the matters.  When it comes… Continue reading Pre-martial sex, bad sex, and born again virgins 

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Are We Being Expoited?

Ladies are we that bad at dating that almost every dating book published is for women? I mean do men have this dating thing so down that they need no help what so ever finding a mate? Every time I turn around there is a new dating guru giving life changing advice on how to… Continue reading Are We Being Expoited?

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Can I Rub Your Hair

This guy whom I've been dating asked me if he could rub his fingers through my hair the next time we hugged. At first I thought he was asking if he could kiss me, but I was just as flattered that he wanted to touch my hair. Especially when I've read so many debates about… Continue reading Can I Rub Your Hair