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Faded, Feminine, and Fierce

What's up lovelies!  Last week I decided to cut my hair...what little I had left. I was bored with it and I was tired of it. When I left my pixie cut I wanted something that would be an easy style. I was so mistaken with the cut I originally chose. I still had to… Continue reading Faded, Feminine, and Fierce

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Hmmmm Shea Moisture

What's up People!!! So I just, and I mean just saw the new Shea Moisture ad and I had to speak. Click the link to see the newest ad from Shea Moisture  What the hell happened Shea Moisture? Did you forget who your core customers were? Or, was your core customers not good enough… Continue reading Hmmmm Shea Moisture

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Tips for Maintaining Short Relaxed Hair

I've been wearing my hair short; off and on, for over 20 years. I absolutely love short hair, more specifically a pixie cut. I've been named the Pixie Killa from some of my other pixie princesses. Short hair just screams confidence, sophisticated, and sexy. Its nothing like seeing a woman rocking a bomb short cut… Continue reading Tips for Maintaining Short Relaxed Hair