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Netflix and Chill

Yesterday when I watched the news the weatherman used two words I despise.... cold and snow to describe the weekend weather. Which translates to me TV and relaxing, because I can't stand being out in the cold and driving in the snow.  I decided to share a list of some of my favorite tv shows… Continue reading Netflix and Chill

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Insecure Season Finale had me like….

First thing first if you haven't been watching Insecure on HBO, shame on you. This show is so is good and I love every bit of it. I'm not about to give you a run down on the entire season, just go watch it. It's an easy show to binge on because the episodes are… Continue reading Insecure Season Finale had me like….

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Wow Wednesday: 50 cent and Bow Wow… Smh 

So where do I start....  Lil Bow Bow aka Shad Moss has announced he is retiring from the music industry. Bow Wow announced via Instagram he is dropping a music/movie duo intitled NYLTH. Whatever that means. Soooo I thought Mister, "I'm mixed with light skin and dark skin so I can't speak on Black Lives… Continue reading Wow Wednesday: 50 cent and Bow Wow… Smh 

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No more Rev. FeelGood 

Last night while watching a special episode of LHHLA, there was a panel about homosexuality in hip hop and the black community. The topic of homosexuality in the church came up. Two Preachers on the panel were supporters of homosexuality and another preacher was a supporter of the bible. Of course the preacher who didn't… Continue reading No more Rev. FeelGood 

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Light Girls

I finally got a chance to watch the documentary on light skin girls. As a light skin woman it was easy to relate to a lot of what was being said. Being treated differently by your own race, feeling as though you're not black enough, having people place judgement because of your color. Whenever the… Continue reading Light Girls

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Reality TV Reveiw: Its A Mann’s World

All I have to say about the first episode of It's A Mann's World is...Finally. It was refreshing to see the Manns be real people on their show and I hope it stays that way. David Mann is naturally funny and down right silly and Tamela is a sweetheart. Their children are entertaining in their… Continue reading Reality TV Reveiw: Its A Mann’s World