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Episode 4

Hey Lovelies!!!!  2 Chicks Talkin Shyt has a new episode and it's funnier as ever. Check us out every Thursday as we give celebrity gossip, girls talk, and rant about things that makes us ask ain't that shyt!  Go to subscribe. We are available on SoundCloud, Andriod, and ITunes!!!  If you have a topic… Continue reading Episode 4

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Fake love

What's up people! Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and in the back of your mind you question does this person really want to be with me? For the most part the relationship is good. Your mate tells you they love you and they care about you; yet, their actions say something… Continue reading Fake love

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Closure After A Breakup 

What's Up People!!! Break ups sucks, believe me I know! I am going through the process now and I have to admit it is emotionally and mentally draining. You try to think about anything else other than the relationship or the now ex. On top of that you're trying to heal and just go on… Continue reading Closure After A Breakup 

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You Know I Love You

The other day while going to work I overheard a guy tell another guy, "She knows I love her". Immediately I got irritated and thought to myself dude really! It was so frustrating, mainly because me and my guy had just had a disagreement about something very similar to this guys statement: SHE KNOWS I… Continue reading You Know I Love You

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I’m a Single Black Mother

So often I see posts and comments bashing single mothers and blaming single black mothers for the issues in the black community. I've seen post saying black mothers choose welfare and government assistance over having a man in the home. Or people saying black single mothers can't raise their children properly which is why there… Continue reading I’m a Single Black Mother

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Here Comes the Bride? 

The other night me and my boyfriend were out and someone asked were we married. When we said no the next question was when were we getting married. We both placed the responsibility on each other saying we're waiting on the other. Eventually I told her that we were both divorced so it wasn't a… Continue reading Here Comes the Bride? 

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Monday Medicine: You’ve Ignored Your Expectations to Meet His 

One thing I've noticed when it comes to women and dating is we have a tendency to ignore our expectations of what we want from our mates. This usually starts at the beginning of the relationship when we're trying to show the man we are the woman for him. We are listening to what he… Continue reading Monday Medicine: You’ve Ignored Your Expectations to Meet His 

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Monday Medicine: Accepting When You’re Wrong 

One of the hardest things is hearing that you offended or hurt someone. It means that something you're doing or did is wrong. Who wants to be wrong or accept what they were wrong? However, in order to have healthy happy relationships sometimes you have to set pride aside and be humble enough to accept… Continue reading Monday Medicine: Accepting When You’re Wrong 

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Monday Medicine: Expectations 

Lately I've realized that I become very upset and frustrated when my expectations aren't met.In these instances  I will either shut down and become overally sarcastic or become snappy because I'm now easily irritated and frustrated. All of this because what I pictured when I made plans or entered a situation did not happen the… Continue reading Monday Medicine: Expectations 

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So today at work while on lunch the topic of homosexuality came up. I was asked by another co-worker what's my thoughts on homosexuality. This was my response: At this stage in my life I really don't care what other people do. Someone's sexuality has nothing to do with me and my life and how… Continue reading MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS!!!!