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I Am Not Your Negro… my thoughts

What's up people!!!! For Sunday funday I decided to check out the movie based on James Baldwin, I Am Not Your Negro. If you have not heard of it, it's because it hasn't received the media attention like other movies, however it doesn't take away that the movie is thought provoking and insightful.  I Am… Continue reading I Am Not Your Negro… my thoughts

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Open Letter to My Sisters with Natural Hair

Hey Sis let's talk, For the past few years I have set back and watched you celebrate your natural hair. I've read your blog posts on why you love being natural. I watched videos of your natural hair journeys from the "big chop" to your now shoulder length hair. All of it has been awesome… Continue reading Open Letter to My Sisters with Natural Hair

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I’m a Single Black Mother

So often I see posts and comments bashing single mothers and blaming single black mothers for the issues in the black community. I've seen post saying black mothers choose welfare and government assistance over having a man in the home. Or people saying black single mothers can't raise their children properly which is why there… Continue reading I’m a Single Black Mother

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Are You A Race Reacher

Are you a race reacher? The moment a person of another race does something that offends you do you immediately accuse them of being racist? Or do you look to make things about race or racism when it's really not? If you do you may be a race reacher.  I heard of the term "race… Continue reading Are You A Race Reacher