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Don’t Be Afraid of No

For some reason we are afraid of this very small word. A word that is universal and and has only one meaning. I don't know if it's because the word is so final. Or how direct the word is, but so many people struggle with the word no. You have people who are afraid to… Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid of No

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Monday Medicine: What is Your Spiritual Vision?

One of my favorite podcast is The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes. This is an awesome podcast that's inspires, motivates, and challenges you to become your best self. During one of the podcast episodes Lewis asked the question, "what is your spiritual vision?" and explained how important it is to not only have a… Continue reading Monday Medicine: What is Your Spiritual Vision?

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Motivational Monday: Tips for Change

So you decided to make some changes in your life to become a better you.  That's awesome,  I personally feel change is a good way to evolve as a person. You have the want to,  but you're missing the know how.  Here are a few tips to help start your journey on becoming a better… Continue reading Motivational Monday: Tips for Change

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Election 2016

I have to say this presidential election has been everything short of a circus. We have one candidate that's a real politician who has experience in politics and running the government. Then we have another candidate with absolutely no experience whatsoever in politics and can  barely run his businesses. The debates have been great material… Continue reading Election 2016

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Monday Medicine: Accepting When You’re Wrong 

One of the hardest things is hearing that you offended or hurt someone. It means that something you're doing or did is wrong. Who wants to be wrong or accept what they were wrong? However, in order to have healthy happy relationships sometimes you have to set pride aside and be humble enough to accept… Continue reading Monday Medicine: Accepting When You’re Wrong