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August Sephora Play Box

Hey Lovelies!I know I missed last month's July Play Box. What had happened was I wanted to give an actual review of the products and it just didn't happen. So, I decided to go back to my original plan of just showing the products and giving my thoughts about the box for the month. So… Continue reading August Sephora Play Box

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June Sephora Play Box: Summer Starters

So this month I got my June Play Box on time!!!! Yay!!!!! I have to say that Sephora stepped their game up this time because last month fell short. If you read my May Play Box reveal you will understand why. June's Play Box is all about getting summer ready which is perfect timing because… Continue reading June Sephora Play Box: Summer Starters

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May Sephora Play Box 

Hey Lovelies! I finally got my May Sephora Play box. The theme for the month was Rising Stars. The items in the box were new, hard-to-find, and one of kind products. As usual the Play box included products for skin care, make-up, hair care, and a scent. The bag for this month was so cute,… Continue reading May Sephora Play Box 

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Play! by Sephora 

 What's up people! I love a subscription service. I have tried Ipsy, Birchbox, and Essence Beauty Box (which was my personal favorite). Every time I get a box its like Christmas, plus I love trying new products. When I saw that Sephora was offering a subscription service I jumped on it. I just knew that… Continue reading Play! by Sephora 

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Makeup for Beginners: Tutorials 

What's up People!!! For the last entry to my Makeup for Beginners series I decided to post some YouTube tutorials from some of my favorite channels. I know some of the makeup tutorials on YouTube can be overwhelming so I looked for tutorials that was simple and easy to follow. I also took into consideration… Continue reading Makeup for Beginners: Tutorials 

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Makeup for Beginners: Tips, Tricks, and tools

What's up people!!!  I missed you guys. I was under the weather last week which is why there haven't been any recent posts . Well I'm back and I giving part two of my Makeup for Beginners series: Tips, Tricks, and Tools.  First lets start with tools. One of the first things I learned when… Continue reading Makeup for Beginners: Tips, Tricks, and tools

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Beginners Makeup Series: Makeup 101

I have a few friends that want to start wearing makeup, but they have no idea where to start. Some don't know what in the world concealer is or when to apply it. So going to you-tube and pulling up a makeup tutorial can be overwhelming especially when you don't know what they are using… Continue reading Beginners Makeup Series: Makeup 101

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Let me help you out…

I love makeup. I've said this maybe a 100 times but I love makeup. It's something about the transformation that makeup gives not only to the face but the personality that brings me joy. Have you ever seen a woman after a makeover she's like omg I didn't know I can look this way, and… Continue reading Let me help you out…

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BB Cream Reviews

In my past post;Minimum Makeup with Maxium Impact, I stated I used BB cream. It was then asked of me, what kinds of BB creams do I use and what BB creams would I recommend. I've used a couple of BB creams, some I loved others just didn't work.   I have oily skin so… Continue reading BB Cream Reviews

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Wow Wednesday: Minimum Makeup with Maximum Impact 

I'm that girl who hates going outside without some form of makeup. So just about every morning before I leave for work I apply my makeup. What I started to notice is I was spending to much time in the morning applying makeup. There were times I was spending 30-45 minutes on makeup alone. It… Continue reading Wow Wednesday: Minimum Makeup with Maximum Impact