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We Owe You Nothing!

Hey Lovelies, There has been a behavior that I have been seeing in some men that is starting to get on my last nerves.  I have heard stories from women saying how a man followed her on train and told everybody he wanted her. Or, how men will openly say they are not attracted to… Continue reading We Owe You Nothing!

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Fake love

What's up people! Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and in the back of your mind you question does this person really want to be with me? For the most part the relationship is good. Your mate tells you they love you and they care about you; yet, their actions say something… Continue reading Fake love

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Valentine’s Day Date Looks

What's up People!!! Valentines's Day is fast approaching and I'm sure a lot of ladies are all thinking the same thing....WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!!!!!! I decided to put together a few looks to inspire the bad and bougie in you. Hopefully these looks will push you out of your box, or at least… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Date Looks

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You Know I Love You

The other day while going to work I overheard a guy tell another guy, "She knows I love her". Immediately I got irritated and thought to myself dude really! It was so frustrating, mainly because me and my guy had just had a disagreement about something very similar to this guys statement: SHE KNOWS I… Continue reading You Know I Love You

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Here Comes the Bride? 

The other night me and my boyfriend were out and someone asked were we married. When we said no the next question was when were we getting married. We both placed the responsibility on each other saying we're waiting on the other. Eventually I told her that we were both divorced so it wasn't a… Continue reading Here Comes the Bride? 

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Monday Medicine: You’ve Ignored Your Expectations to Meet His 

One thing I've noticed when it comes to women and dating is we have a tendency to ignore our expectations of what we want from our mates. This usually starts at the beginning of the relationship when we're trying to show the man we are the woman for him. We are listening to what he… Continue reading Monday Medicine: You’ve Ignored Your Expectations to Meet His 

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Pre-martial sex, bad sex, and born again virgins 

   Last night I watched the new Rev. Run and Tyrese's talk show, " It's not me its men". I have to say the show was good and a great conversation starter. The topics tonight was about pre-martial sex, bad sex, and born again virgins. Here are my thoughts on the matters.  When it comes… Continue reading Pre-martial sex, bad sex, and born again virgins 

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You’re mad at her, but he cheated!?

One thing I don't understand about women is their reaction to finding out they have been cheated on. Not only their reaction to being cheated on but when they find out their man has moved on, the first thing she will do is go after whomever their mate is now seeing or cheated with. I… Continue reading You’re mad at her, but he cheated!?

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Are We Being Expoited?

Ladies are we that bad at dating that almost every dating book published is for women? I mean do men have this dating thing so down that they need no help what so ever finding a mate? Every time I turn around there is a new dating guru giving life changing advice on how to… Continue reading Are We Being Expoited?