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We Owe You Nothing!

Hey Lovelies, There has been a behavior that I have been seeing in some men that is starting to get on my last nerves.  I have heard stories from women saying how a man followed her on train and told everybody he wanted her. Or, how men will openly say they are not attracted to… Continue reading We Owe You Nothing!

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Episode 4

Hey Lovelies!!!!  2 Chicks Talkin Shyt has a new episode and it's funnier as ever. Check us out every Thursday as we give celebrity gossip, girls talk, and rant about things that makes us ask ain't that shyt!  Go to subscribe. We are available on SoundCloud, Andriod, and ITunes!!!  If you have a topic… Continue reading Episode 4

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Episode 3: Dr. Darkie 

Hey lovelies,  Listen to this week's  shenanigans from my new podcast 2 Chicks Talkin Shyt!!!! If you love my blog posts you'll really love our podcast.  Click the link to listen via iTunes We are also on SoundCloud and Google Play.  Don't forget to:  Subscribe   Leave a review  Share  Also follow us @2chickstalkinshyt… Continue reading Episode 3: Dr. Darkie 

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Yea That Way!!!!

Hey lovelies!!!!  Check out episode 2 of my new podcast 2 Chicks Talkin Shyt: Yea That Way!!!!  Subscribe to us on:  ITunes Google Play SoundCloud Follow us all social media at 2 Chicks Talkin Shyt  Enjoy!!!!  Feela! 

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I Am Not Your Negro… my thoughts

What's up people!!!! For Sunday funday I decided to check out the movie based on James Baldwin, I Am Not Your Negro. If you have not heard of it, it's because it hasn't received the media attention like other movies, however it doesn't take away that the movie is thought provoking and insightful.  I Am… Continue reading I Am Not Your Negro… my thoughts

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Open Letter to My Sisters with Natural Hair

Hey Sis let's talk, For the past few years I have set back and watched you celebrate your natural hair. I've read your blog posts on why you love being natural. I watched videos of your natural hair journeys from the "big chop" to your now shoulder length hair. All of it has been awesome… Continue reading Open Letter to My Sisters with Natural Hair

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You Don’t have to Be Nasty!!!

Right now it seems to be a lot of division going on. Almost everybody is WOKE and eager to share their wokeness on to others. Honestly, I'm for it, just as much as I love talking about the ratchetness of RHOA I live for conversations that are thought provoking and of a more serious nature.… Continue reading You Don’t have to Be Nasty!!!

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I’m a feminist!

This past week the whole #teacherbae situation opened my eyes to something about myself. I found myself defending this woman because she wasn't afraid to show her curves and be feminine. It bothered me so much that other women criticized her so much at times I became enraged. On top of the #teacherbae thing, I… Continue reading I’m a feminist!

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Motivation Monday: On this day…..

On this day we celebrate the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I have to ask myself what would we say in the midst of all that is going on today. It feels like people are driven by hate,deception, and selfishness. I know personally each day I'm fighting to keep love in my heart and… Continue reading Motivation Monday: On this day…..

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Sex and the Church…the Big Taboo

By now I'm sure almost everyone has seen the video of Kim Burrell and her rant  (because that definitely wasn't a sermon) about homosexuality. Watching the video, reminded me of one of the many issues I have with the church today. The church has this strong judgement about sex and sexuality, yet there is so… Continue reading Sex and the Church…the Big Taboo