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Trimming Short Relaxed Haircut

Hey Lovelies, This past weekend I needed to go get the sides and back of my hair cut. For some odd reason my hair grows really fast in this area. When my grows out on the back and sides my Pixie looses it shape and won’t lay down. I absolutely hate it. Even though my… Continue reading Trimming Short Relaxed Haircut

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We Owe You Nothing!

Hey Lovelies, There has been a behavior that I have been seeing in some men that is starting to get on my last nerves.  I have heard stories from women saying how a man followed her on train and told everybody he wanted her. Or, how men will openly say they are not attracted to… Continue reading We Owe You Nothing!

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September Sephora Play Box

Hey Lovelies!!! This month I really don't know how I feel about my Sephora Play Box. I don't hate it but I'm not crazy about it either. My honest first impression when I opened the box was meh. One because I didn't receive my bonus perfume like I get every month. Secondly, there wasn't any… Continue reading September Sephora Play Box

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September Pixie Update!

Hey Lovies, So September and my pixie grow out was interesting. I decided to play in the little hair I have and made a complete mess. When it comes to my hair I can be very impulsive. Once I get an idea in my head theres no stopping me. This month I paid for my… Continue reading September Pixie Update!

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What About Your Friends….

Hey Lovelies, For the past few weeks I've been struggling with this post. Going over ways to approach it and trying to decide if I wanted to really do a post about it. I discussed the issue on my podcast with my co host because the situation involved both of. However, on my blog I… Continue reading What About Your Friends….


White after Labor Day???

Hey Lovelies!!!! Labor Day has come and gone and now it's time for the great debate. To wear or not to wear white!!! There are a lot of people who don't follow this rule and they plan on wearing their white. I on the other hand am a little old fashion so I'm in the… Continue reading White after Labor Day???

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Don’t Be Afraid of No

For some reason we are afraid of this very small word. A word that is universal and and has only one meaning. I don't know if it's because the word is so final. Or how direct the word is, but so many people struggle with the word no. You have people who are afraid to… Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid of No

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Sweet Spot Labs Gentle Wash

Hey Lovelies, We all want a fresh and healthy vajayjay right? I know I do. I tried using vaginal washes only to find out that the ingredients or chemicals are just as bad as soaps. For a long time I avoided using soaps in this area because soaps are a no no down there. While… Continue reading Sweet Spot Labs Gentle Wash

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The Pixie Comeback: 3 month update

Hey Lovelies, It's August and it's been 3 months now since I started to grow my hair from faded and fierce to my Pixie. If you've been following me you know the Pixie is my favorite hairstyle of all times. It didn't take long after cutting my hair did I start to miss my Pixie.… Continue reading The Pixie Comeback: 3 month update

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Stay Focused on the Good!

Hey Lovelies,Can you believe we are half way through the eighth month of the year? To me this year has been a whirlwind with so many ups and downs. On one hand I turned 40 this year, I started a podcast that's doing great, and so many other great things. On the other hand I… Continue reading Stay Focused on the Good!