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Trimming Short Relaxed Haircut

Hey Lovelies,

This past weekend I needed to go get the sides and back of my hair cut. For some odd reason my hair grows really fast in this area. When my grows out on the back and sides my Pixie looses it shape and won’t lay down. I absolutely hate it.

Even though my hair is really short, I still want it to have some shape. As you can see in the pictures you can’t really tell where my hair starts or ends. I also emphasized in my post about Maintaining short relaxed hair that you have to start with a good cut and get regular trims to maintain the cut. I usually cut the sides and back every 2-3 week’s.

I recommend going to your regular stylist to get the sides and back cut. They know your hair type and how to cut your hair. Also, your regular stylist cut your style so they have an idea of how the shape of your cut should be. I would not suggest trying to cut your hair yourself. Cutting the sides and back is all about blending and you don’t want to risk having a blotch job and bad haircut.

I curl and style my hair myself so I just get my hair cut at the salon. As you can you see my hair is laying better and you can see the shape of my haircut. I asked my stylist to take my sides and back down a bit lower because it grows so fast. Now that my hair is shaped it will make it easier to style. My styles will also last longer now too.

Usually when I cut my sides I relax my sides and back or entire head, depending on what I need. I also refresh my color because some of it gets cut out. This time I opted to refresh my color because my stylist noticed my hair color had some green in it.

And yassss honey!!!! The finished product. If you have a short cut trimming your sides and back is a must. It makes styling easy and it keeps your cut fresh. Remember to refresh your relaxer and or color during these trims to keep your entire look put together.

Peace and love

Feela 💋


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