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We Owe You Nothing!

Hey Lovelies,

There has been a behavior that I have been seeing in some men that is starting to get on my last nerves.  I have heard stories from women saying how a man followed her on train and told everybody he wanted her. Or, how men will openly say they are not attracted to a certain kind of woman, but turn around and send a private message to that same kind of woman. I have even seen men continue to come for a woman because he didn’t agree with her beliefs, and she wasn’t afraid to challenge him and stand her ground.  For a while I was like what is it this? Why do men feel like they can just say, do, or treat women any kind of way? What came to me was entitlement.

I don’t know where this behavior stems from but it needs to stop. We are talking about full grown men behaving and acting as though women owe them something for nothing. Or men feeling like they can just say or do anything to women without any repercussions. What’s even worse is some men can’t handle when a woman is able to stand up for herself and not bend to appease a man’s feelings or boost his already bruised ego. I have seen men become flat out disrespectful because they could not have their way with a woman.  Even after they have been a complete ass towards her. It’s unbelievable sometimes.

Fellas this is 2017 you are not Tarzan and we are not Jane. You can not just come up to us beat on your chest and think we are going to just follow suit. Women now have voices, opinions, and a swift back hand (not promoting violence but I’m just saying). Not all women are tolerant  of your entitled attitude that makes you act like a complete ass. There are woman who have no problem setting you straight and careless about what you think or how you feel about them. We owe you nothing but the same amount of respect you give us.

Get over yourself.

Peace and love

Feela 💋


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