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September Pixie Update!

Hey Lovies,

So September and my pixie grow out was interesting. I decided to play in the little hair I have and made a complete mess. When it comes to my hair I can be very impulsive. Once I get an idea in my head theres no stopping me. This month I paid for my impulsive behavior. I’m lucky this post isn’t about me having to start my grow out process over again because I took out the little hair I have. So what happened? I decided to go blonde…smh

I know I said in my last pixie post I preferred my hair dark, however I wanted to soften my appearance and I thought what better way to do so than to go lighter. THIS WAS AN EPIC FAIL! I didn’t do any research on going from red to blonde so I didn’t know that I had to strip the red from my hair. When I first colored my hair I got this yellow/pink combo that wasn’t cute. Now you would think I would have stopped there but I was persistent. I then turned around and decided to bleach my hair. WRONG!  I went from yellow/pink to white/pink. Finally I came to my senses and decided give up on the blonde. I used a red semi-permanent hair color to cover the mess i made and left it alone, but not really.

This month I did cut my hair again to have some shape. I cut the sides and back short and did have some of the top trimmed. The timing was perfect because I did have some damage from my blonde experiment. I also used a dark brown semi permanent on my hair because the red color was a mess. I had events to go and i didn’t want to look crazy. My hair ended up looking black but I was okay with because I wasn’t two-toned red anymore. All was normal…sort of

Fast forward to about 2 weeks later and it was time to relax my hair. I know, I know I put my hair through the ringer this month. I knew the relaxer was going to take some of the dark brown out so i was prepared to add a warmer brown semi permanent hair color to my hair. I rinsed my the relaxer out and I was blonde!!! Yup..I was this golden,copper,bronze combo of blonde. I was speechless.

So yeah September was interesting for my pixie. I am now blonde and I love it. Now I am focused on nursing my hair back to health. I haven’t changed any of my products because the products I was originally using was for hair growth and damaged hair. Now that I am blonde keeping my hair moisturized is important. I still want to continue to grow my hair out a little more. I do plan on keeping the blonde for a while.


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