White after Labor Day???

Hey Lovelies!!!!

Labor Day has come and gone and now it's time for the great debate. To wear or not to wear white!!! There are a lot of people who don't follow this rule and they plan on wearing their white. I on the other hand am a little old fashion so I'm in the middle. I'm not against wearing white after Labor Day but there are some items I won't wear because we are transitioning into to fall. Here in Chicago it seems like Summer has come and gone so it's time to say goodby to some of your favorite summer pieces.

Now that Labor Day has passed and fall is approaching there are some white items I can put away until next spring/summer. Here is my list:

White shoes/ gym shoes (sneakers)

All white sneakers are a summer must have for some. However, I stop being a fan of all white sneakers a long time ago. If I did have a pair for the summer though I would probably stop wearing them now. I despise white shoes as well (I prefer a nude) but it would be time to let them go too. I think white sneakers in the fall looks a little weird especially when I'm starting to wear more darker and fall inspired clothing. Switch out the all whites for gym shoes with cool colors. Nowadays gym shoes come in awesome colors that would highlight any outfit especially on a chill fall day.

White jean/shorts/pants (BOTTOMS!)

I know some people are like, "oh hell no!". I think it's time to let them go. Especially if they are bright white and the weather is changing. Now if you live somewhere and it's sunny and warm all year round go for it. However, if you're like me and you have all four seasons it's time to pack them up. Usually after Labor Day the warm summer days in Chicago start coming to an end fast which means we start wearing heavier clothes. The white bottoms will throw everything off because we're now transitioning into fall colors. Instead I would opt for a colored bottom to still look fresh and fashionable.

White Dresses

Nothing says summer/spring like a white dress. Not to mention most white dresses are made of lighter fabrics. This is simple, if light colored dress has to be worn, I'm going for a cream or winter white color. Usually the material is a littler heavier and the style of the dress will be weather appropriate. I'm all about making sure my outfit goes with the weather.

So I guess you're wonder what is left that that I would wear that's white.

White Shirts

A white shirt is a classic piece that can be worn all year round. A white button down and a blazer is a classic look.

A white t-shirt and cardigan will never go out of style. It's also an easy go to outfit for most occasions.

Don't give up on white tanks just yet either. Pair it with the right jeans and a cute jacket and you're ready for a night out.

Like I said I'm a bit old fashioned so for me it's time out for some white pieces. At the same time fall is my favorite fashion season so I welcome the fall colors and trends with open arms. Boots, jeans, sweaters, oh my!!!

Peace and Love!!!



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