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The Pixie Comeback: 3 month update

Hey Lovelies,

It's August and it's been 3 months now since I started to grow my hair from faded and fierce to my Pixie. If you've been following me you know the Pixie is my favorite hairstyle of all times. It didn't take long after cutting my hair did I start to miss my Pixie. I decided to grow it back and share the progress along the way.

My hair has grown a lot in 3 months! Last month I cut the sides and back to give my hair some shape. I can now style it and curl it and it's starting to look like a Pixie cut.

Before I was just wearing my hair smooth and one day I took a chance and decided to curl it. This is what I was able to achieve using mini flat irons.

My routine and the products I use is still the same. I shampoo once a week. In this three month period I've relaxed my entire head twice once in June and once in July. I did a edge up (relaxing the sides and back) mid August. Since my hair is growing I can start to stretch my relaxers to every six weeks and do edge ups every 3 weeks or monthly.

Now that I can style my hair I use a heat protectant. Instead of spritz I use a holding spray. If you read my post Tips for maintaining short relaxed hair you can see the specific products I use for styling.

My goal is to grow the top of my hair to a length that I can wear flipped and smooth styles. I want the versatility to do both. Sometimes I like to wear a funky style and other times I like a true Pixie look. I've been using the picture below as my style inspiration.

Also through this process I'm trying to not color my hair as much. If you know me you know I would add a different semi permanent hair color to my hair every week. I want to get a color that I can stick with so I'm trying to only color my hair when needed. Even when when I don't like how the color turned out ( like now my color looks more black than the brownish red I was expecting). I don't like using permanent hair color because my hair is relaxed. I also prefer my hair dark so I don't care for lifting.

I'm truly enjoying the process of my hair growing back. I'm content with my length now but I'm going to let it grow a little bit more on top. Stay tuned!!!!

Peace and Love



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