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Stay Focused on the Good!

Hey Lovelies,

Can you believe we are half way through the eighth month of the year? To me this year has been a whirlwind with so many ups and downs. On one hand I turned 40 this year, I started a podcast that's doing great, and so many other great things. On the other hand I have had a lot of struggles and complications. Honestly, I'm looking forward to the last leg of the year and I am hoping things will start to balance out.

With things being so out of balance it's easy to focus on the things that's not going the way you would like. There are times that i get so caught up on what fell through or what's not working I forget about all of the good that has happen this year. Granted, it's very easy to do. What I noticed is when you become so focused on the things that are out of whack you develop a spirit of ungratefulness. This causes you to be bitter, negative, and just chile please! Honestly it doesn't help the situation. 

 For the past three months my emotions and energy has been all over the place. There have been nights where I'm up all night because my mind is going. Only to spend the the day tired, frustrated, and irritated. I literally had to stop for a moment and refocus. I reminded myself of the all the great things that has happened and is happening. I also had to encourage myself to continue to focus on the good because the set backs that happened aren't permanent in my life. We all know storms won't last forever. I had to change my focus.

We all have storms, set backs, and dark times that's life! However, you can't become so wrapped up in these temporary situations. When you are facing challenging times make a conscientious decision to focus on what is right, good, and positive in your life. This is what i discovered happens when I change my focus to the good in my life:

  • I develop a spirit of gratitude
  • My stress level decreases and my energy increases
  • I have a clearer thought process
  • I realize things aren't as bad as they seem
  • I gain the strength to keep going.

In order for me to change my focus and energy I do these simple things:

  • Make a list of accomplishments and things that are good in my outside of the norm
  • Pray, pray, pray!!!!
  • Read bible scriptures and positive affirmations
  • Do things to make me feel good (hang with friends, listen to music, or do nothing at all)

Peace and Love




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