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August Sephora Play Box

Hey Lovelies!

I know I missed last month's July Play Box. What had happened was I wanted to give an actual review of the products and it just didn't happen. So, I decided to go back to my original plan of just showing the products and giving my thoughts about the box for the month. So here goes!!!

This month's Play box's theme was the Innovators. All of the products in the box were products that were innovative and changed the game of beauty. My first impression of this month's Box was just ok. I didn't receive anything this month that I was overly excited about. However, that doesn't meant I won't give them a try.


Honestly I was like, "really Sephora?". What am I supposed to do with this little bitty blender. Before I wrote it off I decided to wet it to see what I'll get.

Not much honestly. I'm guessing I can possibly use this for my concealer. However it is soft, so I see why so many people make it their go to.

Clinique Duel End High Impact Mascara and Primer Duo

I've never used a primer for my lashes so I'm curious how this works. My guess is the lash primer does the same job as face primer by helping the mascara to last longer. Hopefully it doesn't irritate my eyes.

Hourglass Foundation Stick (beige)

The texture is soft and creamy and it blends well. The only downside is it doesn't match my skin that well. I might try it as a concealer. It is supposed to be full coverage like a concealer so we'll see if it works.

Lancier the Method Polish

This is a face exfoliator that helps bring the glow back in the skin. My face has been looking a bit drab so I want to give this a try.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

I don't know of any WOC (women of color) who uses dry shampoo but I'm curious to see if it works. Although I am short and relaxed and I shampoo weekly. Usually a few days before wash day my hair looks brab. Hopefully this will help to give my hair a little life before wash day.

Dolce and Gabbana Blue

This is a very popular scent that's been around for a while. It has that clean smell that I love. I will definitely be using this sample often. Day date approved!

Like I said August Play Box was just ok. I wasn't overly excited about any products but I didn't hate any products. I do plan on giving them all a try.

If you are relaxed and use the dry shampoo let me know if you liked it or not!

Peace and love!!



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