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Return of the Pixie 2 Month Update

Hey Lovelies!!!

First I apologize I have seriously been slacking. It's time to get back to it and why not start with an update of this hair.

Let's go back… if you remember I decided to cut my hair to a fade in April.

While I love the freedom of the fade it didn't take long for me to miss my Pixie hair and I decided to grow my hair back in May.

By June my hair was starting to grow into a TWA. It was ok for a while but I soon grew tired of it and decided to relax my hair towards the end of June.

Now that I relaxed my hair, I've gotten back to my relaxed short hair routine and I'm still using some of the products that I purchased to help with my hair growth. I shampoo every week using the Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner that helps with hair growth. I use Jamaica Black Castor Oil in my hair at night before I tie my hair down. To style I simply apply a little styling wax and add texture to my hair. For sheen I still use the Palmer's Olive Oil spray Oil.

Towards the end of July I decided to cut the sides and back of my hair for two reasons. One the back of my hair wasn't laying down how I wanted. Two I wanted to give my hair some shape so it would like more like a short Pixie. I also added some color. As you can see it's still short but it's growing steadily.

I can't wait to be able to curl and style my hair. However I'm happy with how my hair is growing. Stay Tuned!!!!

Peace and Love


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