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It’s Time to Come Out!

Hey Lovelies!!!!

Ever since I've turned the big 4-0 I've noticed that my confidence has increased and I've become more outgoing. I can go places by myself and have a great time, or hang with my girls and have an even better time! My entire outlook on things have changed and I'm loving the woman I'm becoming. Another thing I've noticed as I entered into my 40's is the change in my sexuality. Now, I have never been the type to shy away from a good deep sexual conversation, however there was still parts about me that held back sexually. Now that I'm in my 40's I feel sexier and I am starting to embrace my sensual side. I am loving every moment of it. It's a shame that it took me  to my 40's to get to this point. 

What I noticed is there is this stigma with black woman embracing their sexuality. This stigma goes beyond the double standard that women face from men when it come to sex. For whatever reason black women are taught to suppress their sexuality to the point where some women are ashamed to be sexual. Black women have taken "be a freak in the sheets and a lady in the streets to heart". So much so that they are not able to truly be the freak they want to because of the fear of what someone else will think. It's crazy that there are black women who are afraid to be free and open sexually in their own bedroom because they are concerned with how they will be perceived! Especially when there is other races of women who are truly embracing their sexual side and having a good time doing so.

Sistas own your shit! Forget what someone else is thinking or what society says we should be. What's funny is media and other outlets makes black women out to be these hyper sexual beings, and so many black women are fighting to be the complete opposite. Walk into your sexuality and own it. Try new things, experiment and learn what you like or don't like, figure out who you are on a sensual level. Have fun! Forget about what someone else may think. Why miss out on an incredible sexual experience because of how someone else may feel. Doing so doesn't make you a whore, slut, or tramp. It makes you a woman who know what she likes and enjoys it!

It's time to come out sistas!

Peace and love



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