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June Sephora Play Box: Summer Starters

So this month I got my June Play Box on time!!!! Yay!!!!! I have to say that Sephora stepped their game up this time because last month fell short. If you read my May Play Box reveal you will understand why. June’s Play Box is all about getting summer ready which is perfect timing because it’s starting to heat up, especially in Chicago. 

Last month’s bag was so much better. I guess when they send better products you get a not so cute bag…lol. I would like to put my bags to use so if you have ideas leave them in the comments. Thanks!!!! 

This month I’ve decided to list the products from my least to most favorite. 

Klorane Dry Shampoo 

This is first on the list primarily because I doubt if I would use it. My hair is still very short so it’s easy for me to hop in the shower and go. I might give try it if my hair is looking drab just to see if it will bring it back or life. 

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovesick

This is a matte finish that is supposed be long lasting. The color is cute, but I feel like every time I get a lipcolor through a subscription service it’s this kind of color. I would like to try bolder colors. I feel like this is safe. I’ll  still add it to the collection.

Verb Sea Spray

This is supposed to enhance waves to give you summer beach hair. I’m going to try it out to see if it will enhance the little curls I have. It’s also supposed to help keep hair  moisturized which is good for these hot summer days. 

Versace Bright Summer 

So at first I was like I don’t know about this. However, when I sprayed a bit I noticed the scent last for a long time and it wasn’t over powering. That’s two pluses for me. It has a heavier scent at first but over time you get a hint of the floral touches. It will definitely catch his attention. Summer fling 17! 

Cools Makeup Setting Spray

When you’re a oily girl the summer can be your worse enemy.  You’re trying anything and everything to keep your makeup from sweating and sliding off. On top of that you’re on double duty trying not to look like a grease monkey. I’m super excited to try a setting spray. Now this doesn’t mattify, but it does reduces the appearance of pores and  have SPF. I might keep this in my purse for touch ups. 

Benefits POREdessional Primer

Finally I get to try this out! I’ve seen it, picked it up, and put it down over a thousand times and now I have it!!!! I’ve read mixed reviews about it which is why I wasn’t sure about purchasing. Now I can see for myself. It doesn’t say anything about being a mattifing primer so I might have to use it with my Melani Prime Shield primer. Either way I’m super excited to give it a try!!!! 

I have to say this month was much better than last month. I’ve been getting the Sephora Play boxes now for about 3 months and so far my first Box has been my favorite. This month is next in line for favorites. Ok July!!!! 

Peace and Love 



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