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Missing Pixie

Hey Lovelies! 

Around the end of April I decided to cut off all my hair and wear a fade. It has been so freeing to wear this style. Being able to shampoo my hair in the shower and not having to sit under dryer has been amazing. However I’m starting to miss my favorite girl… Pixie. 

I have decided to grow my hair back. My last haircut was May 19th. My focus is growing out the top of my hair. I don’t care about the sides or back because I keep that low anyway.  I’m think my hair should be the length I want by August. 

Right now I’m not doing any thing special to expedite the growth process. I’m still brushing my hair regularly so that it will lay with my cut. I don’t want to look crazy by the head while it grows out. I only need it to grow to about 2-3 inches on top so I don’t think I need to do anything extreme to get there. 

I did buy Shea Moisture (I know) conditioner and shampoo that is suppose to help with healthy hair growth. I’m switching to these products from my Treseme shampoo to see if they will help in the growth process. I’m going to continue to use my Murrays hair pomade to control my hair and my Palmers Olive Oil spray for sheen. Other than that I’m going to let nature take its place. 

Once my hair gets to a certain length I plan on relaxing it (sorry naturals). My hair is a wavy curly combo and I know once it gets long enough it’s going to want to curl and not lay how I would want it. I really have no intentions of trying to maintain my curls so once it gets to that length I’m going to relax it. It just doesn’t make sense to invest in in curly hair products when I know I am going to relax my hair. I never had any intentions of going natural so it’s not a hard decision. 

I’ll keep you guys up- to- date with the grow out process. I’ll also let know you if the Shea Moisture products worked and if I add any more products to aid in the growth process. Stay tuned. 

It’s only hair cut it, grow it, color it but always love it! 

Peace and Love 



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