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Gemini facts from a Gemini 

Hey Lovelies! 

Guess who will be 40 this week? Me!!! Yes I’m turning the big 4-0 and I’m a proud Gem. People have so many opinions about Geminis I thought it would be cool to share some of my traits being that I am a Gem. 

I’m very impatient and I hate to be delayed because of someone else. I hate having to wait on other people I just can’t do it. It drives me crazy, especially when I’m picking them up and they aren’t ready. I also hate for people to impose themselves on my time. I think it’s inconsiderate and I have little tolerance for it. 

I’m a entroverted extravert. I know that sounds crazy. I enjoy being out and being social and I enjoy my me time. It’s nothing for me to go out and have a great time by myself. While I enjoy hanging with my girls and socializing, I can also enjoy a day with myself in or out of the house. 

I’m a straight shooter. I’m not good with beating around the bush. I’m going to tell you how I feel straight up. Even if it’s, “I can care less”. This is a good and bad thing because sometimes people take it the wrong way and I say come off as mean. I promise I’m not.

I love a great conversation. It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about as long as we are engaged I’m for it. Geminis are communicators so a great conversation is right up our alley. However, I can’t stand a person who just talks and over powers the conversation. I also can’t deal with a person who can’t have a conversation.  That drives me crazy. 

I’m open minded. I love learning and experiencing new things so I’ll try anything once just to see. Now if it’s something that I’m just like absolutely not. I’ll still try to be supportive to the people around me just so we can have a great time. 

I am very sensitive but I hate showing it. I’m actually a crybaby that gets mad when I cry especially when I’m crying because of someone else. I get a frustrated with myself for allowing someone to make me lose control of my emotions. Geminis are known for hiding emotions and I’m the queen of, “I’m good”.

I’m rebellious. I hate being told what I can or can not do. The moment I feel like I’m being controlled I’m going to do what I want. It’s not that I’m hard headed, I just need freedom to be who I am. Trying to change me will be a losing battle. It’s best to let me be me. 

I lash out when I’m hurt or angry. Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge….  If you get me upset enough I will go off. I really try to not to get angry because once I’m pushed to that point the words that come out of my mouth is deadly. Once I calm down I apologize, but I would rather not go there.

I’m an asshole-in a good way. I have a twisted sense of humor. I’m the person who notices and points out the most outrageous stuff. My comedic timing is implacable and sarascism is my second language. I have to admit I can be silly and petty at the same time. 

I’m very loyal. If you’re my people you’re my people. I value family and friendships. We don’t have to talk everyday or hang out all the time, but if you need me I’m there. I got your back. 

I will admit Geminis are very complex. At the end of day we have great hearts. To know a Gemini is to love them. 

Peace and Love 



9 thoughts on “Gemini facts from a Gemini ”

  1. Great post! Any insider tips about Gemini men? My man confuses the hell outta me sometimes. Is a lack of emotional depth or expression/expression of care and love normal sometimes? It’s only sometimes, because he is lovey sometimes. Sorry for the questions!! Thanks so much for sharing! I love your content and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Check me out sometime?

    Mena from noirerewritten.com 🌷

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    1. I’ve dated a few Gemini men and the one thing I noticed from them all is they move slow. They will make you feel like your in the friend zone but actually have real feelings for you. Gemini’s hide their emotions so it may seem like they don’t care but they really do. You’ll notice it in little gestures.

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  2. Gemini here and all of the above is true – sarcasm is my second language – love the line – “once I’m pushed to that point the words that come out of my mouth is deadly” that is so true! Hope you had a great birthday (June 14th here)

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