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Put Your Phone Down (after reading)

This past Saturday I hung out with some ladies I graduated from high school with and we had a great time. It all started with a simple  Facebook post, “Lunch or Brunch?”. Before we knew it four of us who hadn’t really hung out together was talking, laughing, and connecting. Our 2:30 lunch date ended 2 bars, 8 drinks, and about 10 hours later. I literally tapped out because I couldn’t hang anymore. Hey, I’m almost 40. 

What made the day awesome, aside from the fact everybody was mad cool, crazy, and fun, was we wasn’t on our phones the entire time. We actually engaged with each other and enjoyed the moment. This is something people don’t do anymore. It’s all about selfies, posting, and texting. That’s not fun at all. 

Honestly if I’m going to sit on my phone the entire time I’m out, I can sit at home. Going out should be about connecting with people and being in the moment. What’s the point of taking the time to get dressed to impressed just to sit in the corner and be on the phone? Take a picture to remember the moment and the put the phone away and have fun!!!!

The next time you go out, PUT THE PHONE DOWN!!!!  Have fun and be in the moment. You will be suprised by how much fun you will have. I learned so much from Star Child, Spirit Fingers, and Toothbrush (I’ll let them guess who is who) because we talked to each other. There was no distractions from notifications or the newest Facebook post. If you want to be on your phone just stay home!!!! PUT THE PHONE DOWN!

When you are better you do better. 

Peace and love 



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