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Choose Yourself 

Hey lovelies, 
For the past few days I have been placed in a position where I had to decide to value who I am and honor my worth. It was a hard place to be because in doing so I would have to let something go. In the end I chose my worth and my happiness. This was hard for me because it meant putting my self in a position that I did not want to be in, but I knew I had choose me in order to be happy. Have you ever been there?

One of my biggest shortfalls is I fold easily. I say what I am not putting up with or dealing with and turn around and do the complete opposite. What I have learned is doing this makes me a pushover. I had to understand that if people are going to respect me I have to stick to what I say. Especially when it comes to understanding my value and knowing what I want and deserve. Make your actions match your words.

What I took away from this process is you can’t expect others to understand or accept the things that you value about yourself. It’s not your job to try to convince them to understand or accept those things. So often people make the mistake of trying to get people to see their value and end up heart broken when they don’t. Know your worth, you don’t have to try and sell who you are. When a person decides they want something they don’t have to be forced into buying it. 

When it’s all said and done, I am proud of myself for choosing me. I choose not to compromise myself and happiness and that feels good. Know your worth and never forget what you want and deserve. It may be a hard process but in the end there’s nothing like valuing yourself. 
When you are better you do better!
Peace and Love


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