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Faded, Feminine, and Fierce

What’s up lovelies! 

Last week I decided to cut my hair…what little I had left. I was bored with it and I was tired of it. When I left my pixie cut I wanted something that would be an easy style. I was so mistaken with the cut I originally chose. I still had to do everything I did with my pixie and I wasn’t with it. I went to the shop and said cut the top off and I now have a feminine fierce fade! 

Since having this cut I have gotten a lot of compliments on how well it fits me. Some women say this wish they could pull this look off. Other women are afraid to cut their hair and rock a fade. I decided to share some tips on how to rock this confidence boosting look and be feminine faded and fierce! 

If you are going to wear a fade I suggest finding a good barber that has experience cutting women’s hair. The emphasis is a barber who can cut a woman’s hair. You don’t want to have a fade like a dude. You want to stay away from super crisp linings (razor linings) and go with your natural hair line. How low you cut your hair is up to you. 

When it comes to being feminine with a fade haircut it’s all about highlighting your features and adding extra touches. The first thing to remember is B.L.L (brows, lashes, and lips). Focusing on these three things will help to keep you looking feminine with a fade. 

  • Brows frame your face-Make sure your brows are shape correctly and filled in. No box shapes or super thin brows please. 
  • Lashes highlight your eyes-Curl your lashes and add a coat of mascara to add length and volume. If you must wear faux lashes go for a natural look. Not too long or heavy 
  • Lips are a focal point of the face- Wearing  for a flattering lip color will bring your cut and face together. Go for colors that are sexy, flirty, and girly to add a pop to the face. 

Wearing accessories especially ear rings are another way to look feminine with a fade. I prefer stud and button style ear rings, but any kind of ear ring is perfect. 

Being fierce with a fade cut is all about personal style and attitude. Take your fade cut up a notch by adding a part or design in your hair. Add some color to your fade to stand out even more. Rock some dope frames or shades to add more attitude. Update your wardrobe to fit your personality. Being fierce with a fade is all about attitude. Once you decide to wear a fade cut you have already gone on the side of fierceness. 

There is one more F that comes with wearing a fade cut and that’s Free. You are free to be you! Feminine, Faded, Fierce, and Free!!!! 

When you are better you do better! 

Peace and love



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