Should Your Mate Make You Happy or Add to Your Happiness???

During  a conversation with my little sister, she said: Women date to add to their happiness and men date to find someone to make them happy. This statement stuck with me for days. Just from past experiences with dating and being in relationships I agree. However, I can’t help but wonder if this is how it should be. 

I believe it takes two whole people to have a complete relationship. That doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, but you should at least be happy and content with who you are. You should be in a good place mentality, emotionally, and spiritually before getting in a relationship. It shouldn’t be your mate’s responsibility to try and fill those areas in your life. If anything, your mate should be able to help keep those areas in your life balanced, or add to them.


I also believe your mate should be able to make you happy. I mean who wants to be with someone who can’t make them smile. One of the major reasons people get in a relationship is to find someone to share happiness with. However, what I’ve experienced is if a person isn’t happy with themselves no one can make them happy. So finding someone to make you happy can be challenging when you haven’t discovered your own happiness. 

At the end of the day, I believe your mate should be able to add to your happiness and make you happy. It shouldn’t be either or. Also it should go both ways for males and females. When two people who are happy and content with themselves get in a relationship they should be able to add to each other’s happiness and make each other happy. I just can’t see it being any other way. 

When you are better you do better

Peace and Love 


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