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Hmmmm Shea Moisture

What’s up People!!!

So I just, and I mean just saw the new Shea Moisture ad and I had to speak. Click the link to see the newest ad from Shea Moisture 

What the hell happened Shea Moisture? Did you forget who your core customers were? Or, was your core customers not good enough for your ad? 

Yes I get you want to expand your brand but that doesn’t mean you forget the people who made your brand a brand. There isn’t a black woman on the planet who hasn’t tried Shea Moisture hair products. To have only one women of color visible in your commercial is just ridiculous. Have you been in a retailer to see where your products are stocked? The women in your ad aren’t going to that section of hair products to buy anything. 

You could have had women of color with all hair types present to highlight the versatility of your products. I know you know that you have 4c, 3b, and whatever number and letter combo using your products. To see women who probably never heard of Shea Moisture is just a smack in the face to the women of color who use the products. 

To my natural hair sisters get ready. Shea Moisture won’t be the first brand to try to crossover and they definitely won’t be the last. The natural hair movement has become a financial jackpot. The products that began for naturals will soon be for everyone. Just on the flip side, the brands who  have never catered to women of color or natural hair are now coming out with “curly hair products”. Don’t allow these brand to profit on your desire to have healthy hair. 

Shea Moisture you f*cked up for real. I’m relaxed and I  used your products…. FIX THIS!!!!!

When you are better, you do better. 

Peace and Love



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