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Be Goode Handmade

What’s Up People!!!!

I had the privilege of trying out some bath products from Be Goode Handmade. Be Goode Handmade is a heath and beauty business that makes handmade bath bombs and scented shea butters. Ayana, the CEO and founder of Be Good Handmade was gracious enough to let me try a bath bomb and Shea butter. 

Sundays are my spa/self care day so I decided to add the products to my Sunday routine. I soaked in the tub with the B.G.M (Black Girl Magic)  bath bomb and moisturized with the Lavencrush shea butter.  I love the names for the products I thought that was really cool. 

First let me start with the B.G.M. bath bomb. I only used half of the bomb because I wanted to stretch it. I wished I would have just used the entire bomb because the water didn’t change how I expected. I can not say how good it smelled! My entire bathroom smelled so good!!! The moment I opened the wrapper the smell had me. The flower pieces that floated in the tub after the bomb  disvolved just made soaking in the tub more relaxing. 

Like I said, I should have used the entire bomb to get the full effect. 

After soaking in the tub, I used the Lavencrush shea butter. The scent had a soft lavender scent. It wasn’t really strong or overbearing. The texture of the shea butter wasn’t too soft or hard. I was able to scoop it out and melt it between my hand and get my legs, knees, and feet!!!! Shea butter is a great moisturizer so my skin was soft with a slight sheen and it didn’t look oily. 

We all need to take a moment for ourselves. to relax, rewind, and revamp. Why not take a moment to soak in bath with a handmade bathbomb. I definetlely recommend checking out Be Goode Handmade and purchasing some bath time products.  I’m all about supporting black businesss and this is one to add to my list.  I loved the scent of my bathbomb and you can never go wrong with a scented shea butter. You can also find Be Goode Handmade on Intagram and Facebook.

Shout out to Ayana for taking a hobby and making it a business. Now that’s Black Girl Magic. 

When you are better, you live better. 

Peace and Love 


The products used was given for a honest review. 


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