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Get A Journal

What’s up people!

If you have been following my blog posts you know I have a few things going on. Hence a my previous post Adjust . With all that’s been going on praying has helped me to stay sane. I also have close friends that I can share and vent with as well. However, there are certain feelings and emotions that I might not want to share with my friends, and even though I prayed about it I still may feel a way. I decided to dust off my trusty journal to journal those feelings and emotions I may not want to share.

Journaling for me is has been very therapeutic. I don’t journal everyday because I might not have anything on my mind that strong to write about. On those days where I am feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, or irritated writing about what I am feeling and why helps a lot. Usually after I’m done writing, I start to feel better because I have released those feelings and energy.

If you don’t journal already, I really really really suggest you do. Write down those emotions good or bad, instead of keeping them bottled in. Like i said sometimes you might not want to share everything with other people. So what are you going to do with those feelings. Write it out and let it go. 

Side note: Journalling also is a great tool to measure your personal level growth by going back and reading old journal entries

When you are better, you live better.
Peace and love



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