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Fake love

What’s up people!

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and in the back of your mind you question does this person really want to be with me? For the most part the relationship is good. Your mate tells you they love you and they care about you; yet, their actions say something else. It’s the subtle things that your mate says or does that make you feel like your mate isn’t really in to you like you think a mate should be.

The truth is, they may see the potential in you as a mate however they aren’t really sure if you are the for them. It may be they are not be fully attracted to you or you’re not the type of person they are used to dating that is stopping them from being head over heels over you. Usually they enter the relationship with their mind and not their heart. They think they can make it work because they understand you are a good person, but in all honesty they are not in to you completely. Let’s call this fake love.    It may sound crazy, but I have been on both ends of the spectrum. Fake love is real and really complicated. 

So if you’re questioning if  you’re in a fake love situation because you’re not really sure that your mate is really in to you or truly want to be with you. Here’s a few things to consider:

  •  Do they criticize you often? When your mate always has an opinion about your looks, the way you dress, or how you do things it’s because they aren’t satisfied with who you are. It’s easier for them to highlight those things they don’t like about you instead of taking the time discover what makes you great. 
  • Do they try to change you? Your mate feels like if they can change you into the person they want you to be then you will be everything they want and they will be totally in to you. They spend more time trying to get you to change versus accepting you for who you are. 
  • Do they take ignore how you feel? While your mate might say they care about you, they continually do things that may hurt your feelings or do things you don’t like. The truth is they don’t care that much about the relationship to stop doing things that you have an issue with. 

If you answered yes to these questions, you have some decisions to make. I am not the type to tell people to leave or end relationships because that’s my style. You have to know how much you are willing to put up with, and how much time are willing to give to a situation. 

In this case there are only two choices:
Stay in the relationship and hope your mate eventually falls in love with who you are, or 
Leave the relationship and wait for that person who will love you for you. 

When you are better, you do better 

Peace and love


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