No more pixie

What’s up people!!!!

Last week I decided to cut my hair…well basically shave it. I was ready for something new and different than my go to Pixie cut. I had already cut the sides and back low but I wanted it lower. I started looking at pictures and I became infatuated with buzz cuts and fades. So I looked and looked until I found a cut that I could rock. After searching for an example to bring to my beautician I found a young lady on Instagram by the name of Ashley or Mz_Dubz 

The cut is low on the sides and back and very short on top. After showing my beautician Denia;of Denia’s Shear Dimensions, she pulled out her clippers and went to work. Which is why I love her because if you say cut it, she cuts no questions asked. 

This is my version of the cut… 



It’s really short just the way I wanted and I love it!!!! 

So here’s a few questions I decided to answer about the cut 

What would you call the cut? 

A fade or Pixie fade because it’s hair on top. 

Relaxed or natural? 

I decided to continue to relax my hair for more control. However this style can be worn on both natural or relaxed hair depending on your hair type 

Barber shop or beauty salon? 

Both but mainly salon. My stylist knows my hair and how to cut it. Also I want to keep a feminine  look. If I go to the barbershop it will be to clean up the cut or get an lining in between cuts. 

How often will I have to cut my hair? 

My hair grows pretty fast so I will have to cut the sides and back about every 2-3 weeks. The top will have to be trimmed maybe every 6-8 weeks. 

How do I style? 

After shampooing I still mold the top and sit under the dryer for about 15-20 minutes so my hair can lay down. I use mini flat irons to smooth out my hair on the top where it needs it most.  For the top I apply a small amount of product and run my fingers through it until I get the desired look I want. It’s basically brushing the sides and back.

What products do I use? 

  • Nairobi wrap foam to lay the top
  • Elastic QP Olive Oil and Mago Butter curl wax as a heat protectant (I have to save the little hair  I got)
  • FX molding wax for styling 
  • Hair polish to smooth out and add sheen to my hair 
  • Murrays hair dressing pomade for the sides

There is nothing that increases your confidence than a new look. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new cut, hair color, a style change, whatever. Don’t be afraid to try something new. 


When you look better you feel better 


6 thoughts on “No more pixie”

  1. I’m glad I found your website. I always feel bad when I relax my hair, but you make it seem so normal. It is true that if you look better, you feel better. Thank you!


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