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Put Your Gifts To Work!

What’s Up People!!!!
The other day, me and my cousin was chatting and we starting talking about side hustles. My cousin was saying she read a report that stated the average person made less than $45K a year, however we both agreed people are finding creative ways to make money outside of the traditional 9-5. 

I am definelty in the under $45K group and a single parent. Luckily I have sources to suppliment my income to help take care of my sons. However, I have used my skills and talents with social media to help with my expenses. What I do does not bring in a steady stream of income, but  it does eliminate or decrease an expense of mine. It’s kind of a barter system deal. I post pictures on my hair dresser’s social media and my services are discounted. 

I know other ways people close to me are earning other forms of income. While Lyft and uber are very popular. I know of people who have found ways to increase their income. This is the time of the entrepunears. There are people creating natural hair and body products. I know people who make and sell jewelry. People are hiring more photographers and MUA’s. Even my youngest son has gotten in the entrepreneurship by creating graphics for his school, local radio Djs, and his friend. He also created my new logo and header.

I would like to feature 3 women who took their gifts, talents, and skills and created a side hustle and became entrepreneurs. 

Embellish by Brandi 

Brandi Woods used her love for accessories and her creative eye to start Embellish by Brandi while in between jobs. She creates handmade and customs jewelry that she calls Wrist Candy. To learn more or to get Embellished check out her website:

Spirit Driven by Alesia Graves

Alesia Graves took her passion for God and fitness and created a brand for sportswear and leisure wear called SpiritDriven. Alesia says SpiritDriven is more than a brand it’s a lifestyle. To learn more about SpriritDriven and to purchase SD gear go to her website:

Olijé Body Care by Jennifer Hicks

Jennifer realized the ingredients in most body care products were not good for the skin. Jennifer took her skill and knowledge to create a natural body care line with safe ingredients that care for the skin. To learn more about Olijé Body Care go to:

What skill, gift, or talent that you can start using to suppliemnt your income? Maybe you can do something like me and create a barter system (service for a service). We all have talents, skills, and gifts that we can share with others. Why not use your gifts to start a business or share your services. 

Peace and Love 

Feela 💋


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