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Have We Forgotten We Are Queens?

The other day  while on the train a young lady got on and starting facetiming someone and of course she start getting loud. What bothered me the most was the content of her conversation. She had no shame sharing how much she received on her tax return, how much she spent and what she had left, how much she owed in parking tickets, and her plans on getting car note. While that is irriatating, it’s not what caused me to do this blog post. The young lady then went on to discuss how she had to go shopping for an outfit and that because she would be on her period soon she didnt want to buy a dress. PAUSE. Say what now? You do realize your on public transportation and you are loud as ever right.

The last bit of her conversation awakened something in my and just made me think, “What happened to being a lady?” Now mind you I take public transportation to work everyday and I see and hear it all and honestly I am embarrassed, irritated, and frustrated. What are we teaching our daughters, nieces, sisters, cousins, and young women period!

When I was coming up, the women in my family taught me how to be a woman and act like a lady. I was taught not to be out in the street loud and cursing. When you walked out of your home looked presentable; comb your hair and put on decent clothes. I understood there was a time and a place for everything.The old school way of being seen and not heard was instilled in me,but please understand the women in my family were strong, wise, beautiful, and sharp. They didn’t take any mess and they wasnt for the bs. My grandmother, mother, aunts, and cousins  wasn’t about to be out in the street looking crazy and you better not make them look crazy either. 

Now, it’s about waking around with a nasty attitude, being loud and ignorant. Coming outside with your hair looking a mess or dressed looking crazy. What baffles me, is these young ladies come out and bring attention to themselves and get mad when people are looking at them like they are crazy. Well….you look crazy!!!

Can we go back to being queens? Society already has their assumptions and sterotypes about us, why make what they say correct. We are not the angry black women. We are not loud and ignorant. We do love ourselves. We arent crazy.

 Can we take notes from women like Oprah Winfrey, Phyicia Rashard, Jill Scott, and our most favorite First Lady Michelle Obama . I choose these women because they are the epitiome of poise, strength, feminity, and wisdom. 

You are beautiful,wise,strong, and precious…You are a queen. 

Peace and love




5 thoughts on “Have We Forgotten We Are Queens?”

  1. This post literally just perpetuates misogyny at it’s finest form. Women being silenced over periods and female health in general is part of the reason why it is under researched. Periods are such a common thing, why would women not talk about it?


    1. Thank you for taking a moment to read my blog post, but you missed the entire message if you’re only focused on the lady talking about her period. I didn’t say she couldn’t or shouldn’t talk about her period.


      1. You are insinuating that this woman shouldn’t talk about her period because she is on public transport. You go on to call her crazy for the same reason. Some women get periods, they are as natural as eating food to survive; they happen more frequently than catching a cold. Why should we not talk about them in public? Why should we banished behind locked doors to keep our periods a secret?


      2. Again the purpose of the blog was not about women talking about their periods. It was about black women living beyond the stereotypes placed on us. While it may be freeing and a natural conversation for you to have in public, for black women it is not because the assumption is we are loud, angry, and ghetto. Had you read the entire blog instead of the first paragraph you would have saw that.


      3. Periods go beyond ethnicity. Every woman is condemned for their periods. Besides, don’t you think that “black women living beyond their stereotypes” is enforcing a very anglicised ideology of the perfect woman? (i.e. to cater to a mans every need and to be seen and rarely heard) Why can’t women be angry and loud and take up the same space that men do? What makes those women a worse woman than you?


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