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Small Bathroom Makeover

What’s up people!!!!

After looking at the same bathroom decor for months it was time to switch it up. Usually I use neutral colors in the bathroom because my house is dominated by males but this time I wanted to add a little color to the space especially with spring and summer approaching. I also wanted to add something to fill the space over my toilet because the wall was empty and it stuck out like a sore thumb.  My bathroom is small so I doesn’t take a lot to upgrade it. I change the towels, rug, and shower curtains and that’s about it. 

This is before:

As I stated my bathroom is small. This is it. 

I added the hook rack to hang towels that’s being used. It’s easier to hang the towels. I also keep a hamper just for towels in the bathroom for functionality.  My decor towels are simple…tan and white. 

Here’s the bare wall with the lonely towel ring just hanging there. I don’t know why the landlord thought a towel ring here was okay…

I like to use baskets on the toilet for extra storage (it usually gets junky…smh)

Nothing to write home about as you can see 

Here’s the after: Better!!!

My colors are white, gray, and lavender. Although I like to keep my bathroom decor simple I usually opt for a printed shower curtain as a added accent for the bathroom. 

I prefer plush rugs for the floor and usually just one rug  placed in front of the tub. I don’t like rugs in front of the toilet and my bathroom is too small for one anyway. I added a gray waste basket and hand soap dispenser to maintain some neutrality to the bathroom. 

The shower curtains, rug, and towels used for decor, wastebasket, and soap dispenser are all from Walmart.  

I prefer basic towels over towels with prints to give the bathroom more of a spa feel. Plus, I did say my house is dominated by males…. I can’t be stressing over someone drying their hands on my bath towels. 

My favorite is staging the towels to give the bathroom character. This time I kept it simple by having the lines on the towels line up. I pleated the hand towel on top for added flair. To keep the pleats in place I used a safety pins. Simple is better when working with a small bathroom. 

Initially I wanted to hang a picture here but I didn’t see anything I liked that would go with my color scheme. I found these shelves and they were perfect. The shelves not only filled the wall but allowed me to add small accent pieces giving the bathroom a little more life.  I feel like this is focal point of the bathroom

I found a white basket with a gray and white liner to go on the toilet that matched the colors of the bathroom perfectly.

Shelves and basket purchased at my local Family Dollar. 

My accent pieces are simple. The shelves are small so I couldn’t put too much on them, however it worked beautifully on the wall. 

Bottom shelf: A lavender candle in a jar and small faux succulent in a white pot. 

Top shelf: faux aloe vera succulent in white pot and a small clear glass jar filled with cotton balls and q-tips.

  All  accent items are from Dollar Tree. 

The total cost for making over my bathroom was around $70 and it took about an hour and a half to complete. 

Spring is just around the corner so now is the time to spruce up your home. I hope my bathroom makeover inspires affordable ways to decorate around your home. 

Fill a house with love and it becomes a home. 

                                              Author unknown

Peace and love 

Feela 💋


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