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Tips for Going to the Gym 

What’s up people!!!
I’m noticing more people getting in the gym and working out. I too have started getting back in the swing of things of going to gym. What I’m seeing in the gym is a lot of people are not really prepared for the gym and they don’t get a real productive workout. So I wanted to share a few tips to help get the most out of your workout.

Have the right workout clothes 

Make sure you have the proper workout clothes. Heavy joggers, sweats, and jeans are a no no. You want clothes that will allow you move to freely. The whole concept of working out is moving so you don’t want clothes that are heavy that will wear you down. Also, make sure the fit is good. You don’t want clothes thats too big or small that you are constantly adjusting during the workout. I prefer dry-fit material and light weight cotton shirts. These matierals breath and keeps you cool and dry during the workout. Ladies sports bras are a must! Lastly, it’s ok to be cute during your workout. Coordinate your workout clothes and find pieces that you would be comfortable wearing outside of the gym as well. 

Your sneakers should be for working out

Proper shoes are important! Not all gym shoes/sneakers are for working out.I prefer a lighter shoe that will allow the foot to flex. Not only that but heavier sneakers will can  cause your workout to be harder than it has to be. You also want a shoe that will allow your feet to breath. Stay away from shoes that are too tight or big. Chile, who wants their feet hurting while they working out.  

Make sure you have everything

Come prepared! The worse thing is to come to the gym and not have everything you need. It will throw everything off. Prepack your bag and keep certain items in the bag. Outside of my workout clothes and gymshoes I have ear buds, a brush for my hair, my dry-fit headband and velcro hair wrap for my hair great for short relaxed hair, my water bottle, an extra pair of socks (just in case), face wipes, and lock for the locker. I also keep an extra pair of sneakers in the car just in case I leave my workout sneakers at home. 

Know what you want to do

Lastly have a plan. I enjoy going to gym becasue I can clear my head as well as work on my body. However, I do not believe in being in the gym all day and night. 45 minutes-1 hour is my limit. With that being said, I have to have a plan when I go to gym. I have set days that I go and I know what I’m working on and what machines I’m using. This helps me to not only get in and out in a timely matter, but it also keeps me productive during my gym time. Below is my weekly routine that I follow… 

Exercise routine 

Monday (legs and abs)

30 mins cardio

Leg press 3 sets of 10

Calf press 3 sets of 10

Abductor (thighs) 3 sets of 10 

10 launches each leg

15 squats 

Ab machine 3 sets of 10 

15 side crunches each side 

Wednesday (arms and abs)

15 mins treadmill

Straight arm pull down 3 sets of 10

Lateral pull down 3sets of 10

Cable row 3 sets of 10

Standing Bicep cable curl 3 sets of 10

Cable Woodchop 3 sets of 10

15 crunches  

15 side crunches each side 

Friday treadmill and core 

30 min treadmill 

Plank 30 seconds 

Lying heel touch 15 secs

Swiss ball leg lifts 1 set of 15

Windshield wipers 1 set 15 

Side plank 15 secs each side

30 crunches 

 I switch it up sometimes

Know your workout style

I prefer working out alone. Like I said going to the gym is a way for me to clear my head. I go in I’m focused I do what I have to do and I’m out. When I go with friends I usually don’t go hard like I usually do. It’s important that you know your style. I’ve seen people go with their friends and they spend more time chatting than working out. On the flip side I’ve seen people come alone and they are chilling on the machines on their phones.Which is a huge pet peeve.  Know your preferences. 
I hope these tips will help with your gym time. I know going to gym and working out can be struggle, stick with it and stay focused.

When you look better you feel better
Peace and Love
Picture 1&2 are from Pinterest 


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