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I Am Not Your Negro… my thoughts

What’s up people!!!!

For Sunday funday I decided to check out the movie based on James Baldwin, I Am Not Your Negro. If you have not heard of it, it’s because it hasn’t received the media attention like other movies, however it doesn’t take away that the movie is thought provoking and insightful.

 I Am Not Your Negro is based on the unfinished book by Baldwin in titled Remember This House that focused on three of our most known leaders Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, and Medgar Evers. The documentary shares Baldwin’s thoughts and perspectives concerning racism in America. The images in the movie fueled emotions of rage, sadness, and frustration. While the narration of Baldwin’s writings and actual footage of lectures, speeches, and conversations by Baldwin and other key roles during the Civil Rights Movement in America were thought provoking and eye opening. 

I wished I would have a pen and paper to write notes and jot down some of the key points Baldwin shared. I mean the man was a genius! The entire time I was watching the movie I kept thinking that Baldwin’s ideals were so relevant to today although the manuscript for Remeber This House was written around 1979 and most of his lectures were given around the Civil Rights Era. Not only that but the idea that racism and issues of race between whites and blacks were mainly a morale problem was eye opening. 

The beauty of I Am Not Your Negro was Baldwin’s ideas to negating racism. Baldwin understood that the biggest issue of racism was ignorance which also lead to a lack of empathy. He believed racism was a individual moral issue that was and still is destroying this country. He posed questions that I honesty believe white people could not answer today which is why racism is still a huge issue in this country. 

White or black don’t ignore this movie. Go see it and listen. Listen to the brilliance of James Baldwin; a man who understood race relations in such a way that it speaks to the present racial injustices going on in this county. 

Peace and Love 


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2 thoughts on “I Am Not Your Negro… my thoughts”

  1. Love your overview on this movie. I found it to be dead on! I loved this movie and it left me longing to read more by James Baldwin. I too wish I had taken notes but will go back to see it again.

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