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Makeup for Beginners: Tutorials 

What’s up People!!!

For the last entry to my Makeup for Beginners series I decided to post some YouTube tutorials from some of my favorite channels. I know some of the makeup tutorials on YouTube can be overwhelming so I looked for tutorials that was simple and easy to follow. I also took into consideration that some makeup newbies aren’t ready for a full fledge beat face which is another reason I went for simple easy everyday looks. 

The first tutorial is from Faceovermatter. Although the look is a simple Valentine’s Day look, I thought this was an easy look to follow and a great look for beginners. Not to mention is really pretty. 

The next look is from my all time favorite makeup Youtuber Alissa Ashley. She calls this look the “Hella Basic Makeup Look” and it is, but like I said less is more. Not to mention is still ends up being hella hot!

I didn’t want to leave my brown beauties out so found a tutorial for my melanian mommas. My cousin teases me and says I’m melanin deficient but that’s another post…lol. The Hair Razor is actually a hair stylist but she also posts makeup videos from time to time. I thought this was a classy look. Great for work and school. 

I also chose this video because I wanted a video by someone who isn’t really a makeup guru to motivate and inspire those of you who are still unsure if they can apply or wear makeup. 

This last tutorial is a more glam look by a very well known Youtuber It’s My RayeRaye. This for my gutsy beginners who want to go full face. This is also a great tutorial for a going out/night look. I love a glam, beat, YES GAWD!!!, slayed face and this is it. 

Remember when watching  makeup tutorials:

  • You don’t have to use the exact makeup 
  • Use what you like forget what you don’t (everything is not for everybody)
  • Watch it as many times as you have too
  • The whole point is to get a makeup idea/inspiration

I hope this series has motivated and inspired you to try wearing makeup. I would love to see the makeup looks created from this. Tag me in your makeup selfies!!! You can find me on Instagram and Facebook as Feelaspeaks. 

Like always…

When you look better you feel better! 

Peace and Love💋


This is a night out look I did last weekend for my high classmates bday party. 


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