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Let’s talk Cider 

*This is not a sponsored post*

What’s up people!!!! 

I am not a beer drinker except for maybe Corona. Yet sometimes I want something to drink outside of wine and cocktails. My beverage of choice is Ciders. Ciders are made from fermented apples which is how it gets its alcohol content. They give you the feel of a beer however they are sweet with a just enough alcohol to keep you mellow but not so much that you’re slapped. Ciders are great with casual foods such as burgers, pizza, and wings. I absolutely love Ciders. 

The first ever cider that I tried was Redds Apple Ale. I fell in love with the sweetness of the drink and I like the idea of having something to drink when I really didn’t want to drink something hard. Apple Ale can be found in six pack or a case. The price varies from $9-$13

So once I got hooked on Redds Apple Ale, I had a hard time finding it in bars and restaurants. This was kind of disappointing because I started to love it. Until I went somewhere and they had Angry Orchard on tap. The first sip and I was sold. The great thing about AO is it’s easy to find and most places serve it. It’s sweet with a crisp taste and you can’t go wrong from the bottle or tap. This is my go to. Angry Orchard can be found in 6 pack or case. The price ranges from $9-$14

So everyone is familiar with Stella Artois but if you’re a cider lover you have to try Stella Artois Cidre. Like Angry Orchard I discovered this while I was out and I was impressed. This is amazing when it’s ice cold. Like the AO  it’s sweet with a crisp taste. I hate to say it but Stella Cidre is so flavorful and crisp I usually can down it in one sitting. *I’m something like a lush*. Stella can be purchased through 6 pack or case for $9-$15

Last but not lease is Ace Perry Cider. Sweet, crisp, and delicious. Unlike the other ciders Ace is not available everywhere so I don’t get to have it regularly. However Ace is an amazing cider that comes in a variety flavors unfortunately I’ve only tried Perry. I tried Ace along with another brand of cider that I can’t even remember and Ace won. Ace can be found in a 6 pack for around $10

If you’re looking for something other to sip on other than wine, cocktails, or beer and you want something more than a cooler or hard lemonade check out a cider. These are perfect for a chill night in or a summer night on the beach. The Super Bowl party I went to had AO on deck. The best way to drink them is ice cold. 

If you drink cider or try any of these please share. I would love to know what you think. 

Remember drink responsibility 

Peace and love 

Feela 💋


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