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Open Letter to My Sisters with Natural Hair

Hey Sis let’s talk,

For the past few years I have set back and watched you celebrate your natural hair. I’ve read your blog posts on why you love being natural. I watched videos of your natural hair journeys from the “big chop” to your now shoulder length hair. All of it has been awesome and I too have journied down natural hair lifestyle myself for a while. Latley some of my natural hair sisters are making comments about being natural and against relaxed hair that I just can’t deal. The division I’m starting to see between natural haired women and relaxed haired women is so unnecessary. We are already dealing with enough as black women with colorism, being objectified, and cultural appropriation. We don’t need to be going back forth critizing each other about how another woman choses to wear their hair.

 A sister that chooses to relax her hair is no less a proud black woman than you. Not all women who relax their hair are trying to look like another race either. Women with relax hair do care about the health and strength of their hair. Also, the way a woman chooses to wear her hair should not be the reason she decides to want to learn more about her people and culture. Please stop with this kind of rhetoric because it makes no sense and it’s not a good look. 

Lastly, take a look at some of the great Black women of the past who did great things for the betterment of our race. Some of those women had natural hair, afros, relaxed and straightened hair . How they wore their hair did not determine if they were going to fight for their people and it did not qualify or disqualify them to speak out. At the end of the day when other people look at us they see the color of our skin. Stop making trying to make being natural better than being relaxed. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!

Yours truly,


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