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Makeup for Beginners: Tips, Tricks, and tools

What’s up people!!!

 I missed you guys. I was under the weather last week which is why there haven’t been any recent posts . Well I’m back and I giving part two of my Makeup for Beginners series: Tips, Tricks, and Tools. 

First lets start with tools. One of the first things I learned when it comes to makeup is you have to use the right tools. The sponges included with some makeup is not enough and they don’t really do the trick. Below is a list of tools that are needed to get a more professional and polished made up face.

 Beauty blender
(used to blend foundation and concealer)

 Blush brush (used for applying blush)

 Face brush
( used for foundation powder and setting powder)

 Bronze/contour brush (used for bronzing and contouring)

 Eye shadow brushes
( brush for lid, fluffy brush for blending, and angled brush for crease).

There are a lot more brushes, but I believe these are great to start with.
Makeup tips and tricks:

 Blend,blend, blend. The key to great makeup application is blending. Blending removes hard lines and gives a more natural finish.

 Practice makes perfect. The best way to learn how to apply makeup is to practice. Play in your makeup.

 Give yourself time to apply your makeup. The worse thing is to rush trying to apply your makeup. Especially when you’re new to the process. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to a hour to apply and take your time. The better you get the less time you need.

When buying makeup ask the professional. Stores like Ulta and Sephora usually have someone who will give you advice and show you how to use the makeup. Don’t waste money buying the wrong shades or wrong stuff. Side note: while the sales people in these stores are helpful remember their goal is to sell, don’t feel pressured to buy makeup you can’t afford. 

Youtube is your friend. I know some youtube beauty qurus go really fast and it seems like they are doing a lot, however you usally can find tuturials for beginners. Also, search for what you want what you want to know. For example if you want tricks and tips on blending eye shadow search for that.

Discover and perfect your makeup style and look. This should be something that you can build or be your signature look. 

 Use makeup for your skin type. If you have oily skin look for makeup that mattifies and control shine. For dry skin look for makeup that gives a dewy finish. Wearing the wrong makeup for your skin can make you look really dry or very shiny.

 Less is more!!!!! The worse mistake of applying makeup is applying too much makeup. Always start with a small amount and build as you go. It’s easier to fix not having enough makeup than it is having too much.

Use the guide on the eyeshadow. If you don’t know where to apply what color use the guide with the eye shadow palet. This is an excellent tool if your’re not sure where to apply what color. This was a great tool for me when I started wearing eye-shadow. 

 Have Fun! The basic rule of makeup is there are no rules. Makeup is supposed to help you look and feel better. So have fun with it. 

I hope these tricks, tips, and tools are helpful. Remember wearing makeup is about enhancing your beauty and hiding your flaws. When you look better, you feel better. 

Peace and Love!!!



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