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Beginners Makeup Series: Makeup 101

I have a few friends that want to start wearing makeup, but they have no idea where to start. Some don’t know what in the world concealer is or when to apply it. So going to you-tube and pulling up a makeup tutorial can be overwhelming especially when you don’t know what they are using or why. So I decided to do a makeup series for beginners to help those ladies out who want to wear makeup.
First lets talk makeup!!! I’m going to try make this as simple and easy to follow as possible. It’s a lot to cover so hold on to your makeup 

Below is a list of makeup basics:

*Foundation (full-semi coverage)

Foundation-Foundation is used on the entire face and it comes in either liquid form, cream, or powder. Foundation should be as close to your skin tone as possible, and it comes in different formulas matte (no shine), dewy (glowly moisturized). Foundation helps to even the skin tone.

*BB Cream (light coverage)

BB Cream-used on the entire and comes in liquid form. Similar to foundation but does not have as much coverage. Evens skin tone and corrects blemishes. (This is great for those who don’t want to wear or need foundation but still needs coverage).

You don’t need both bb cream and foundation. Choose according to the coverage you want


Concealer-the name pretty much says what it is. Concealer comes mostly in cream form. Concealer is used on certain of the face to conceal blemishes (dark circles, scars, etc). It is usually used under the eyes. Concealer is also used as a highlight (to draw focus on certain areas of the face).


Primer-used on the face and eyelids to help makeup stick on the face and last longer. There is two kinds of primer in makeup, face and eye shadow, however they both do the same thing just in different places. Primers come in gels, creams, and sprays and is applied before applying foundation, bb cream, and eye shadow. 

Setting Spray

Setting Spray- Setting spray is used after makeup is applied to help makeup stay fresh throughout the day and night. 


Blush-applied on the cheeks. Usually comes in powder form. Blush is used to accentuate the cheek bones by adding color to the face


Bronzer-used on of the face to add tone to the face as well as frame the face. Bronzer is usually applied around the forehead and temples of the face. Bronzer usually comes in a powder and a bronze tone.

Contour Makeup

Contour makeup- used to shape the face. Contour makeup comes in powder and cream.Contour makeup is applied on the sides of the nose, around the forehead, and near the jawline to shape the face. Contour makeup is usually in brown tones.


Highlight-used to highlight certain areas of the face. Using a highlight attracts light to certain areas of the face to give the appearance of a glow. Highlight is usually in a powder or cream formula. Most highlight has life a shimmery appearance however there are matte highlights as well. Highlight is applied on the bridge of the nose, the center of the forehead, the chin, and sometimes the Cupid’s bow of the top lip, and cheek bones to highlight the face.


Eyeliners-are used to accentuate the eyes. Eyeliners come in liquid, pencil, and cream formulas. Eyeliners are applied along the waterline and the upper lash line. 

*Eye Shadow

Eye shadow-eye shadow is make applied to the eyes. Eye shadow comes in different forms such as cream, loose powder, and pressed powder. Most shadows comes in different formulas such as matte and glitter.


Eyebrow makeup-eyebrow makeup is used to shape and fill the eyebrows. There are eyebrow pencils, creams, gels or waxes to fill the eyebrow.


Mascara- mascara is applied on the eyelashes. Mascara comes in different colors and formulas. Mascara is used to add length, volume, and accentuate eyelash curls. 

Lip liner 

Lip liner-used to line the lips and accentuate the shape of the lip. Lip liner is also helpful for making lipstick last longer. Lip liners typically comes in a pencil.

*Lip Color

Lip color- Lip color is used on the lips to add color to the lips. Lip colors come in varies forms such as; lipstick, lip gloss, lip stain, and lip balm. Lip colors also come in different formulas such as shear, matte, and shiny. Lip colors also come in different textures such as cream, gloss, or liquid form.

So that’s pretty much most of the makeup most people wear. You do not have to wear all of these items. However, I wanted you to have an idea of what they are so when you hear them you’ll know. Next is makeup tools and application 101. 
*must have items 

Peace and love 



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