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You Don’t have to Be Nasty!!!

Right now it seems to be a lot of division going on. Almost everybody is WOKE and eager to share their wokeness on to others. Honestly, I’m for it, just as much as I love talking about the ratchetness of RHOA I live for conversations that are thought provoking and of a more serious nature. However, it seems like people are spreading more hate instead of shedding a light. So, much so  people  are becoming more judgemental, negative, disrespectul, and meaner than ever. And I have to question why do we have to be nasty to disagree?

It is so easy to get out of your bag when someone says something, posts something,  or shares a belief or thought that may not coincide  with your own thoughts and beliefs. It’s even easier to get out of your bag when someone says something that is sexist, racist, homophobic, or anything else that is negative to you. Believe  me I know because I can go from 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye. With all that’s been going on sometimes  I’m ready to jump and it doesn’t matter who the person is. If someone says something that goes against what I stand for, I’m quick to judge the person and go into defense mode about however I stand on the topic. 

Perfect example, I love Travis Greene and Chrisette Michelle. When I found out they were perfoming at the presidential inauaguration I was very disappointed, just like so many other people. I critizied them on social media and co-signed with people called them derogatory names. In hindsight that wasn’t cool, and it made us look just as mean and hateful as the people we did not want them performing for. 

Now, I am not saying not to speak out on what believe. You have that God-given right. Not to mention if you don’t stand for something you will fall anything. I’m not saying to not pay attention to what’s going on in the world either, because it’s too much going on, and like my girl say’s from the Black Joy Mixtape podcast, “LOOK ALIVE”. What I am saying is dont be nasty, mean, hurtful, and judgemental about it. Someone has to take the high road. Not only that but this is not the time for us to be divided and mean towards each other. 

It’s time to stop fighting hate with more hate and become:

Forgiving, prayerful, understaning, loving, and kind. 

I know it’s not easy, its a battle. 

I included a sermon from Pastor Toure Roberts of One Church LA that gives great tips and points on how important it is to stay focused at this time.

Peace and love


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