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What Inspires You? 

My mission for Feela Speaks is to inspire readers regardless if I’m giving fashion tips, beauty tips, or sharing my thoughts on what’s going on in the world. When readers finish reading my posts I want them to walk away with something that will make them feel better and be better. 

When I made it my goal to motivate and inspire others through my blog, I also understood that I would have to find ways to stay inspired and motivated. I mean, how can I pass on this energy if I’m not carrying it, right? I made it my business to find ways to get inspiration that will keep me motivated to stay on the path to motivate others. I’ve found a few things that really helps to keep me inspired and I would like to share them with you. 

  1. I feed my soul. One thing I love about reading the Bible is there is always something to remind me of how special and loved I am by God. Not only that but there are some extraordinary stories of people with great faith and boldness that motivates me in some form or fashion. I also listen to sermons that move me to be better. 
  2. I look for inspiring people. It doesn’t matter if they are a social media influencer, celebrity, or just an everyday person. I get inspiration from people who are doing awesome things. 
  3. I pay attention. You will be surprised where inspiration can come from so I always keep my eyes and ears open. If I hear something that does something to my spirit in a positive way, I try to write it down or give it a little more attention. When someone drops a gem, a thought or idea that comes from wisdom and it thought provoking, I try to catch it. 

As you see can, I keep it really simple when it comes to being inspired. In turn I try to keep inspiring others simple as well. It doesn’t take much to spark a thought or idea in a person that will make them consider being or doing better. 

So…what inspires you? Hopefully you’ll be adding Feela Speaks to your list! 

Peace and love 



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