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How to Have A Put Together Look

I love to see people look good and rock a fly look. I can spend hours on pinterest discovering new looks and getting fashion ideas. I also love fashion bloggers, especially one’s who take the time to piece together awesome looks and ideas that are realistic. I am a firm believer that when you look good you feel good. One way to give yourself a little umph is to make sure you take the time to make sure your look is put together. 
Here are some of my tips to achieving that put together look.

1. Know your style.
You can’t really put a look together if you don’t have a style to start with. In order to understand your style you have to identify what kinds of clothing you like. I used to consider my style tomboy chic, but lately I would have to say I am more edgy chic. I love classic styles while adding trendy and edgy pieces to help if stand out. For example, I love a over the knee or thigh high boot with a dress, shorts, or over fitted jeans.

2. Wear pieces that work for your body type. As you know, in some stores I am swimming in the plus size pond and other stores I am not. I have curves and a gut (which I am working on), so I have to find clothes that not only fit but look good. I believe clothing should hide the body parts that are not flattering not accentuate them. I hate my muffin top, therefore I opt for tops that are a little lose and flowy or a cover up. This hides the area I don’t want people focusing on and helps to give me a slimmer look.

3. Take time to create an outfit. Creating an outfit or look takes a moment for me. I never claimed to be a fashionista so sometimes it may take a little longer to get something together than others. If I am completely stumped on what to wear, I go to my sources. This can be going to pinterest and looking at outfits I may have pinned. I also, get advice from close friends and family. Sometimes I might not be 100% percent certain of what I pieced together so I need feedback. You never want to end up with good intentions but a bad turn out.

5.Don’t forget the little details. This is what helps to pull your look all together, and takes the look to the next level. It can be as simple as cute earrings, I love stud and button styled earrings. Or something as dramatic as a statement necklace. Accessorizing and focusing on the details of how you look helps to add style to your look. When it comes to accessorizing, I believe less is more and I don’t want one item overshadowing the others so make sure your accessories are not clashing.

6. Get that hair and face together! I don’t know about anybody any one else but if my hair is not to my liking just throw me away. I don’t care what I have on if I don’t love my hair or makeup I don’t like my look. With that being said, make sure your hair is together because a bad hair-do or an unkept hair-do will kill your outfit. Also, make sure your hairstyle and makeup fits you and your style. Just like clothing, everything is not for everybody. 

7. Last but certainly not least :Arm yourself with confidence and a good attitude. If you like how you look share that positive energy. Smile and speak to people, and be polite. The worse thing in the world is to look good but have a bad attitude. Understand that no one can out do you being you. Own it! In the words of the great poet Bruno Mars, ” Throw some perm on your attitude, Girl you gotta relax!” 

I hope my tips helps to pull your look together, more than anything I hope these steps helps to build your confidence and help you to feel better about yourself. Like I always say…
Peace and Love

Feela đź’‹



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