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You Know I Love You

The other day while going to work I overheard a guy tell another guy, “She knows I love her”. Immediately I got irritated and thought to myself dude really! It was so frustrating, mainly because me and my guy had just had a disagreement about something very similar to this guys statement: SHE KNOWS I LOVE HER. I’ve started to realize that men think women are mind readers and we should just know how they feel or what their intentions are. 

Here’s the thing, eventually after dating for so long, we do know that you love us. However, we need to hear it, see it, and feel it from our mates every so often. We can’t just go by I know he loves me and everything is awesome. As women, we want to feel special, and more specifically we want to feel special to our mates. I know I do, I need and want to know that my man thinks I am his sweet sexy thang….lol. Even, though I know he loves me and why he loves me because has told me, I still need reassurance through an act or kind word to keep my heart pitter pattering. 

I love  quality time, midday phone calls, and “I love you or I love you because”messages,gifts, and quality time;  It doesn’t matter if its a fancy date where I get to dress up or a Netfix and chill. These are things that says I love you to me. I believe my Love Language is quality time, gifts, and word of affirmation. ( Yes I took the test). So while I may know you love me, I need certain actions to feel the love. I believe that’s most women, we need to feel that you love us even when we know you do. 

What are ways that expresses love to you? I would love to know.
Peace and Love 


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