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Sex and the Church…the Big Taboo

By now I’m sure almost everyone has seen the video of Kim Burrell and her rant  (because that definitely wasn’t a sermon) about homosexuality. Watching the video, reminded me of one of the many issues I have with the church today. The church has this strong judgement about sex and sexuality, yet there is so much hiprocity going on behind it. I’ve always said the church focuses too much on sex however most of the scandals in the church involves sex. It can be anything from fornication to adultery, to homosexuality and you better know the church has an damning opinion about it. 

I can remember when I was pregnant with my first son and my mom made me go to my  pastor at the time to tell him I was pregnant because she felt like we should tell him before the rumors started. I was 19 years old at the time and of course not married. Mind you he too had a child out of wedlock as a teen and there were several rumors about the women he saw for more than prayer. Yet he wanted to lecture me about having children without being married, when he too had did the same thing. Not only that but he like so many preachers stood in the pulpit telling people what they should and should not do when it came to sex, yet he was doing the same things he was preaching against. Had I the sense I had now I would have told my mother absolutely not. Hell I don’t recall having a sit down with my own father. 

I’ve sat and listened to a preacher give an entire sermon or speech about why he is against same sex marriage and why he would never married a same sex couple because it’s against the bible and God, meanwhile he had disrespected his own marriage by having an affair! Once the affair became the story of the week he had the audacity to stand in front of the church and ask us to forgive him for his sins and stand by him through this scandal. Like really? You want us to forgive you for committing adultry meanwhile you condemned homosexual couples for wanting to get married.

I’ve always felt like the reason there is so many scandals in the church is because of the stigmas and taboos the church puts on sex and sexuality. They force all of these rules and judgements about sex down people throats to the point where people become shameful about sex. People get are rushing to get married to seek the churches approval, cheating, folks on the down-low or suffering from shame because the church calls you pervert and freak for doing anything sexual. You can’t keep telling people its wrong, nasty, perverted, and damning to things that come to them naturally. 

The  church needs to  stop focusing on what people should and shouldn’t be doing sexually and focus more on how they should be more Christ like and growing spiritually. You can’t tell someone to love God but hate themselves when God created us all in His image. 

Peace and Love 



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