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My Faves: Podcasts 

Happy New Year!!!!

Podcasts are the new thing (well it’s new to me). It seems as though people are coming out with out a new podcast channel almost every week. I am a huge fan of podcasts, so much so, that I listen more to podcasts than I do music when I’m at work. Listening to different conversations ,thoughts and ideas on topics from reality tv to relationships to politics provokes thought and opens challenges you to think outside of your norm. 
I decided to share some of my fave podcasts. These are my go to that I listen to almost every week. Some are hilarious and some are on a more serious note, there’s something for everyone. Most can be found through SoundCloud, ITunes, or the through their websites. 

The Read

I live for this. I found out about the podcast from a friend and I’ve been hooked. The hosts Kid Fury and Chrissle discuss everything from current events, celebrity gossip, and entertainment. The catch is they speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, hince the title, The Read.

The Friend Zone

I kinda consider the Friend Zone as a more calmer version of The Read. The host Hey Fran Hey, Assante, and Dustin also discuss current events, and celebrity gossip, as well as, new music, and reality tv. Every week Hey friend Hey has a wellness segment to help you get your life. What I love is Assante and Dustin are hilarious and the chemistry among the three of them is bomb

The School of Greatness

This is a more motivational podcast for leaders or enterpuniears. The host Lewis Howes interviews weekly guests who are doing amazing things and allow them to share their journey to greatness. This is an awesome podcast for anyone who is in leadership, or starting their own business or brand. It’s also great for someone who is striving to become an overall better person.

Loveline with Amber Rose

Do you remenber the tv show Loveline with Dr. Drew and Adam Perrila? Well that’s what the Loveline with Amber Rose is. Amber Rose and Dr. Chris takes questions about sex and relationships and give their answers. I enjoy the show because the topics can be mindblowing but it makes you think about your own sex life and relationships.

The Casey Crew

So this podcast is new on my list but so far I am liking it. The Casey Crew is Dj Envy and his wife Gia Casey, who have been married for about 20 years. This show is cool becasue they discuss relationships, marriage, and family in the realist way. I highly recommend for newly married couples, couples looking to get married, and everyone in between.

One Church LA

I love Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts. This is my go to, for my weekly word. Every week the Sunday and midweek’s message is uploaded to the podcast. I have claimed One Church as my church although I live in Chicago and the church is based in LA.

Check them out and let me know what you think.

 If you have a favorite podcast or even your own podcast feel free to share. I love checking out new podcast.

Peace and Love 

Feela 💋


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