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I’m a Single Black Mother

So often I see posts and comments bashing single mothers and blaming single black mothers for the issues in the black community. I’ve seen post saying black mothers choose welfare and government assistance over having a man in the home. Or people saying black single mothers can’t raise their children properly which is why there is crime and proverty in the black community. There’s even been accusations that single black mother are the reason for homosexuality among black males.Others have suggested that black single mothers need to stop having babies with just any and everybody and learn to make better decisions. What’s sad is I’ve read these post and heard these things from Black men and women. It’s actually pisses me off because most of these people were probably raised by a single mother, on top of that I’m a single black mother. 

I can’t speak for every black women who are or have raised their child or children on their own, but I’m sick of damaging rhetoric being spewed about single black mothers. Especially when I know so many black mothers who are doing phenomenal jobs raising their children on their own. I also think it’s easy to blame single mother’s for issues in the black community because you can’t place blame on someone who isn’t there. 

I would like to take this opportunity to speak for single black mothers by saying: “KISS OUR ASSES!” It’s easy to say what a person should, could, would do when you’re not in that person’s shoes. Most single mothers are trying to do the best they can to make sure their children are good, now put on the pressure of being a woman, being black, and raising a child or children alone…. Damn! 

Lastly, if you’re going to put black single black mothers on blast please let’s talk about some of  our black men and how their absence as fathers are effecting the community as well. It’s time to start holding black men and absent fathers accountable. Stop ignoring that brother who keeps having babies with different women and you know he’s not taking care of them. Step up and tell that man stop bringing random women and her kids to family functions if he can’t bring his own. Stop co-signing with your boy  talking about his child’s mother  ain’t shit because she won’t let him see the kids and tell him to be consistent in his child’s life and stop coming in and out when it’s convenient . If your going to criticize one parent critique the other because it takes two to make a baby. 

You’re truly, 

A single black mother 

Peace and love 

Feela đź’‹


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